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NeurodivURGENT Promotional Partnerships

Thank you for your interest in becoming a NeurodivURGENT promotional partner! We are excited about your shared commitment to the advancement of this important work and can't wait to collaborate with you. Please complete the non-binding form below to receive more info. 

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Three Reasons To Become A Promotional Partner:

Shared Social Responsibility 

In America and around the world, countless children face seemingly insurmountable challenges due to their neurocognitive differences. Under-resourced youth are particularly susceptible to the harm caused by leaving these issues unaddressed. By becoming a NeurodivURGENT promotional partner, you are directly contributing to the success of an interdisciplinary platform uniquely designed to formulate holistic and sustainable solutions.


The NeurodivURGENT Conference will convene hundreds of current and aspiring professionals from 8 different fields in just 4 days. The project also aims to continue this work by hosting subsequent virtual and/or in-person events throughout 2024. Featuring subject-matter experts from all represented disciplines, our team is committed to providing top-notch quality with every experience. By becoming a NeurodivURGENT promotional partner, your brand will reach a myriad of individuals from all across the United States who are on the front lines as agents for change.


By becoming a NeurodivURGENT promotional partner you will be assisting professionals in strengthening their capacity to change the trajectory of lives that might have otherwise fallen under the radar. Because many neurocognitive differences lead to debilitating outcomes if not properly assessed and treated, they have the propensity to cause great harm. However, when assessed and properly treated, many of the same individuals are afforded the opportunity to lead fulfilling, healthy lives and build strong families for years to come.

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